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Under the AOL, auditors applying for entry on the register and recognized auditors are required to pay:


  • the prescribed application fee;
  • the prescribed annual fee;
  • if applicable, the prescribed withdrawal fee; and
  • all of other costs of oversight prescribed by the AOA.  


The non-refundable annual fee must be paid by 31 January in the year for which registration is to continue.  Other fees and costs of oversight charged to a firm by the AOA must be paid as specified in the Rules or by such time as the Authority indicates.  Failure to pay fees and costs in the specified time can result in disciplinary action and possible removal from the Register.


Current fees are:


Application fee: CI$1,000 payable with the application.

Annual fee: CI$1,000 payable by 31 January in the year for which registration is to continue.

Withdrawal fee: CI$250 payable with the notice of withdrawal.


Costs of inspections:



Costs of inspections shall include billings from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) for their time and out of pocket expenses while engaged in inspections of firms on our behalf pursuant to an agreement between the ICAEW and AOA dated 14 June 2013. Costs of inspections shall also include the time spent by AOA staff as well as out of pocket expenses of such staff while engaged directly in inspections of firms.