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Date: 14th Feb 2014
Category:  Press Releases 2014

Media Release

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Friday, 14 February 2014

Contact: Donald Cockburn, AOA Managing Director,




Cayman’s Auditors Oversight Authority Joins International Forum

Mr Michael Austin, Chairman of the Board of the Auditors Oversight Authority (AOA), is pleased to report AOA’s application for membership in the International Forum of Independent Audit Regulators (IFIAR) has been approved and AOA is now a member of IFIAR.

AOA was established in 2011 to regulate and supervise auditors in the Cayman Islands who audit the accounts of market-traded companies.  IFIAR was established in 2006 to share knowledge and practical experience of independent audit regulatory activity, promote collaboration in regulatory activity, and provide a focus for contact with other international audit regulators around the world.

There are now more than 46 independent audit regulators who are members of IFIAR. Mr Austin notes this is an important step for AOA, as it allows AOA to gain access to the knowledge and experience of other audit regulators around the world and is further indication of the growing maturity of the Cayman Islands financial regulatory environment.